In December 15, 2011, I posted my first image on Instagram (and initiated this social network's first use of the hashtag #ArtsDistrict as it applied to my Southern California neighborhood). A resident of Downtown Los Angeles since 1993, my photographic series online during 2011 through 2016 as Downtown Muse depicted the uniqueness of the urban center's Arts District through an eye that had witnessed first-hand the quirky evolution of my community, which had stayed relatively stagnant for years until that five-year time period. Many of my images were posted online as soon as they were captured, taking photography’s intrinsic immediacy a step further by inviting viewers to join me in my discoveries as quickly as I stumbled upon them. These included capturing the unexpected bursts of light, the fragile display of nature against urbanity, and the beat of urban discourse as they play against a backdrop of oozing creativity throughout what is arguably now one of L.A.’s most interesting live-work-play communities. 

In the fall of 2014, I began dividing my time between Downtown Los Angeles and the South Bay by keeping my Arts District loft mostly as a work space and renting a month-to-month beachside residence. Redondo Beach became a place for me to regroup and to enjoy a slower pace of life. Before living in the South Bay, I thought my photographic inspiration still remained 20 miles north in the Arts District. I was wrong as my new surroundings inspired my South Bay Muse series of images, once again, discovered during my daily walks with my two rambunctious pups.

During 2016, I left my beloved beach house and later in the year, relocated to Houston, Texas to be closer to my family. Today, I commute to Los Angeles on a monthly basis, and maintain two residences: one in the Arts District and the other in my home state. In Texas, of course, I began taking photographs, and after a brief spell of being stymied by the difference in light and shadows in Houston, I started a series of work known as H-Town Muse.

Since 2014, my story as a photographer and my work has been featured in the media; among them, KCRW's Which Way L.A and the front pages of the Los Angeles Times and Downtown News. I have also participated in over twenty art shows to date, including a multimedia museum show curated by Chicano arts pioneer Frank Romero at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Orange County, California. My work has also been commissioned and sold for magazine articles, promotional brochures, real estate offices, and restaurants, among others. Recently, I wrote an essay about Los Angeles for the Monocle Travel Guide series.